December 10, 2018

Lil’ Mama Addresses Bow Wow: ‘I Will Slap The S*** Out Of You’ [VIDEO]

Bow Wow
Lil’ Mama Addresses Bow Wow: ‘I Will Slap The S*** Out Of You’ [VIDEO]

(Photo Credit: Prince Williams/Getty Images)

Lil’ Mama is not playing with putting any kind of dirt on her name. Not even if its her friend Bow Wow doing it.

It has been only two weeks since the two made a joke out of one of the internet’s most popular memes as she called him dressed like him and spoke on Facetime. Now she has some beef with some of his latest words.

During an episode of Growing Up Hip Hop, the rapper claimed that Lil’ Mama inviting him to New York was her way of trying to get with him romantically, and claimed he would sleep with her in a week. He also said that his girlfriend would “whoop her a**.” She responded by going on social media to address his words.

“I want to start this off just by saying you played yourself, kid,” she said. “Bow Wow, you know, that in all the years that I’ve ever known you, you have never known a n**** to f*** me in a week. So to even give BT advice like ‘Oh y’all gonna be f***ing in a week.’ You’re being a clown.”

She later continued.

“I was trying to bring you around some real n****s. You want to commit suicide one day. You’re going crazy here. You’re going crazy there. I come from a grounded environment that I was trying to bring you to. We’re doing a TV show. We’re creating content. You are far from the type of man that I could see myself being with, sleeping with or anything of that nature.”

She then issued a warning.

“There are so many things that I could address about this show, but I’m not going to let everything pull my attention. Y’all could believe what y’all want to believe…before we start talking about a female beating my ass or anything like that let’s just be clear: I will smack the s*** out of you. Period!”

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