November 18, 2018

Lil Pump Show Was Disrupted By Smoke Flare’ Attack [VIDEO]

Lil Pump Show Was Disrupted By Smoke Flare’ Attack [VIDEO]

Photo credit: Katja Ogrin / Getty Images

Uh Oh! According to TMZ, rapper Lil Pump’s show at Rock City in Nottinggham, United Kingdom was interrupted by a “smoke flare” attack. Not good!

Reportedly the flare was thrown into the crowd which caused the fans to run and scatter in a frenzy. After the incident, Pump and his team left the venue.

No reports on the suspect at the moment. Lil Pump did take to Instagram to explain to his fans what happened at his show. Glad to hear no one was hurt!

After Pump and fans evacuated the concert, he began to rap “I love It” featuring Kanye West, from the top of his tour bus.

Check out the clips below.  

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#PressPlay: #LilPump speaks out after one of his concerts in the U.K. was interrupted by someone who reportedly threw three smoke bombs in the venue. We’re happy to see he’s alright!

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