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February 24, 2023

Lil Wayne Says He Hasn’t Eaten Fast Food In 20 Years

Celebrity Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne Says He Hasn’t Eaten Fast Food In 20 Years
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A personal chef is the reason Lil Wayne hasn’t eaten fast food in over 20 years.

Fresh off his ‘Kan’t Nobody’ ft DMX and Swizz Beatz- Weezy sat down for interview with Zane Lowe’s Apple Music radio show. He explains his new music, “It’s Carter 6. I never even imagined. That didn’t even sound right years ago. I can’t believe we’re at Carter 6. My fans know I give my all. Go listen to my last feature and know it’s gonna be a thousand times better than that,” he told Zane Lowe.

The rapper also opened up about his upbringing. He explains that at just 19-years-old, he moved from New Orleans to Miami and his mom who worked as a chef, suggested he got a personal chef. “She was very happy for the move because New Orleans is crazy. One thing she really wanted me to do was get a personal chef,” he explained. 

“So from the age of 19 to now, I’ve always had a personal chef. I haven’t eaten any fast food forever. I don’t know what McDonalds smell like,” he said. “Only Gyms I know is Jim Jones. I can’t lift a weight. I don’t do no workout.”