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January 14, 2021

Marvel Star Anthony Mackie Shares A Story About Getting Punched In The Face By Will Smith!

HOT News
Marvel Star Anthony Mackie Shares A Story About Getting Punched In The Face By Will Smith!
The actor Anthony Mackie shared a funny story about his encounter with Will Smith.
During an interview with The Jess Cagle on SiriusXM, Anthony was promoting his latest film,
Outside The Wire
was talking about the filming process and how he accidentally ran into Will Smith back in 2019.
While Anthony was shooting for his film in Budapest, Will was filming in the same area for
Gemini Man
. Anthony recalled getting invited to Will’s 50th birthday party and Anthony’s publicist asked him if he wanted to present Will’s birthday cake to him. Anthony was ecstatic and honored! Anthony said,
"So, I'm like, 'Holy shit yes. It's Will Smith. Of course.' Anthony continued, “So, we're all on stage. Will Smith does like a whole concert I'm on stage with Will Smith doing a concert. I'm losing my mind. Right? So, the cake comes out, we bring the cake out, Will Smith sees me and he goes, 'Hey,
Anthony Mackie
.' I'm like,
knows my name. Right? So, I go to like high five. I don't know what I was trying to do, but like, I was trying to hug him and he thought I was coming in for like a high five.”
This is when things got a little awkward. Anthony went on to say,
“So, he like tried to grab my arm and he punched me in the jaw so hard. Like he hit me with a right cross so hard. Then he grabbed me and he's like, 'you're good?' I was like, 'I think so. I think we're in a fight, are we in a fight?' He's like, 'no, no, I'm sorry.'"
Anthony said after he got punched (by accident), Will made a funny joke and said to Anthony, [you] "took a punch from Mohammad Ali,” referring to Will’s 2001 film Ali.
During the interview, Anthony jokingly told the host,
“He punched me in the jaw. Will Smith punched me the jaw. He's an angry human being. I know he meant to do it, there is no way you mess up a hug with a punch in the jaw." Anthony continued,
“Yo, he has a right cross man. Protect yourself. Cause dude came in. I mean, woo! It was a punch, but I took a punch from Mohammad Ali. I can say it."
Good thing it was a mistake and the two were able to laugh about it later.