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September 09, 2021

Master P Chimes In On Drake & Kanye West Beef, 'A Lot Of Snakes In This World'

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Master P Chimes In On Drake & Kanye West Beef, 'A Lot Of Snakes In This World'
It's no secret Drake, and Kanye West aren't fans of each other.
They were once friends, but their
went astray. It's not exactly clear when the Drake and Kanye beef began. NME reports in 2010, when "Find Your Love" was released (co-written and produced by Kanye), Yeezy said Drizzy's attitude started to get "too big."
Hot New Hip Hop reports
Master P did a recent interview and spoke on the Ye and Drizzy situation. Master P wants the two rappers to keep their dedicated fans in mind instead of doing "tit-for-tat" publicity stunts.
"I don't think people realize they have all of these fans that might even be crazy and take things
We have to watch what we do." He continued,
"There's a lot of selfish people out in the world, and there are a lot of snakes in this world. I think when you are at this level and you are making this type of money, even with some of these young artists that were losing their lives in Hip Hop, which is sad, we have to be thankful and take this as a blessing and grow."
Master also spoke on how he believes their camps are fueling the fire between them. He said,
"I think it's the people around them. You have to have people giving you better advice, and you have to hold yourself accountable," he said. "I've always had self-accountability. And start thinking about what you say or what you do, and how it affects and hurts other people, and how you wouldn't want that to be happening to you and your family.
." He went on to say,
"I would rather sit in the sewer and eat cheese with rats than sit at a nice restaurant and drink champagne and eat lobster and steak with a snake, and I think that's what a lot of us are doing. When you get to that level of the game like some of these artists, why lose what you have? Once you get killed or go to jail there's no turning back."
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