November 18, 2017

Meek Mill RELEASED From Solitary Confinement

Meek Mill RELEASED From Solitary Confinement
(Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

It looks like Meek Mill got a hint of good news as he prepares for the fight to be released from jail.

Not only was the Philadelphia rapper thrown in jail, but he was put in soletary confinement after a judge decided that he violated his probation.

Meek has officially filed an appeal of the decision and a bail hearing was announced that will be heard by the same judge Genece Brinkley. That decision was officially “canceled due to an administrative error” according to Billboard.

According to TMZ, he is now out of solitary confinement and into general population and has his own cell.

Meek can now hit up the yard in the morning or afternoon. He can ball out on the court or go for a jog. Should he fancy himself with a book, he can read it at the on-site library or in his cell. Gym time will depend on which job he ends up taking … which, by the way, pays 19 cents an hour.

He’ll be assigned a job and has 2 choices — cleaning cells or cooking.

FBI is reportedly investigating Brinkley and her decisions against Meek Mill. He was sentenced to 2-4 years.