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December 27, 2020

Meek Mill Shares Rare Photo With His Two Sons + Gives ‘List’ Of ‘New Years Resolutions’

HOT News
Meek Mill Shares Rare Photo With His Two Sons + Gives ‘List’ Of ‘New Years Resolutions’
Meek Mill is showing fans a different side!
The rapper has been giving more glimpses into his family life, and he also shared with his 10.5 million followers a few plans!
A couple of weeks ago,
shared a picture of his eldest son and their
. For the holiday, Meek is getting in more bonding time with both of his sons and shared the special moment with his supporters.
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On the flip side, Meek shared a few things with his Twitter fans that he wants to do. It could be his “New Years' resolution” or a few 2021 goals he has in mind.
Meek mentioned he wants to buy land in Ghana. He said,
“I want to buy a property in Ghana where do I start? A nice house ..I need to feel that experience With my family as another option in life! I don’t wanna dedicate my whole life to the American lifestyle I been living.. the odds are too stacked against us it feels like!”
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Meek also wants to build his own music platform, alongside Lil Durk and Lil Baby.
“Me lil baby Durkio tryna get somebody in Silicon Valley to build us our own music platform we can be majority owner in! We will pay!! We need top Silicon Valley steppers please!”
“We not even trying to build the same thing as Spotify ...tidal ... apple we wanna build a platform/tool and connect it with those big big companies and eat and build up some billion dollar shit! If you a big rapper that sale a lot snd got a lot of influence rap in for %.”
“Respectfully to Spotify too we get millions with them one of my biggest platforms I sell on! We need their help too... but we gone build something where we can maximize black wealth and we not gone fail by any means ‘we got a real backing behind us’ let’s get it.”
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Meek also wants people to learn about
. He mentioned a possible Club House could be dedicated to that.
“Can we get you in a clubhouse to teach a class about crypto on #culturecurrency you a big crypto stepper let me know we need ya? I be tryna teach people in my hood but they need to hear it from somebody that really did it. Pleaseeee! Lol”
“we gone start something and donate a % to the people we make money from! We waiting on production now! #culturecurrency coming full blast!!”
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