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July 06, 2022

Method Man Talks Wanting To 'Snuff' Joe Budden During 2009 Beef

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Method Man Talks Wanting To 'Snuff' Joe Budden During 2009 Beef
Method Man took a trip down memory lane during a recent interview.
The hip-hop legend appeared on Math Hoffa's podcast and spoke on his 2009 beef with retired OG rapper
At the time, the
started after Joe questioned
s ranking on Vibe magazine's "best rappers of all-time" list.
points out, "Raekwon's peoples actually roughed up Budden in San Bernardino, Calif. over his Wu-Tang slander." During the interview, Method Man spoke about being ready to "snuff" Joe, but the opposite ended up happening when the two hip-hop icons met. Method Man somehow ended up giving Joe his flowers. Method said,
"Now Joe, you don't know this, but the whole time you were talking, I was gonna snuff you, but the reason why I didn't, in that moment, was 'cause you said some real sh*t. Now, I don't know exactly what it was word for word and sh*t, but it was definitely something that made me think in that moment, 'Joe's a very smart muthaf*cka. Chess, not checkers.'" Method Man continued,
"You a talented muthaf*cka. You don't need to go this
However, at the time, Joe reportedly still talked about the Wu-Tang. According to Method Man, later in the day, Joe did an interview or a freestyle, talking about Deck and Rae. The report says Joe got sniffed by a Wu-Tang member while doing a livestream as a result.
Check out a clip:
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