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February 28, 2023

Michael B. Jordan Apologizes To His Mother For Posing Half Nude In New Calvin Klein Ad

HOT News
Sorry Mama.
Michael B. Jordan joking speaks about his recent Calvin Klein ad that has the internet in a frenzy.
While doing a promo tour for his new movie, "Creed III", the new director was spotted on the red carpet, and was questioned about the new underwear ad. The actor is posing in nothing but his underwear, shirtless.
When the interviewer asked if his mother seen the ad yet, he joking replied, “I was like, my mama gon’ have to see this. Let me call her and be like, ‘I’m sorry. It’s out here.’ My business all out in the streets — literally,” he joked.
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The actor also spoke about making his directorial debut. “This was like, a moment, you know? Just to have everything come together at one time, it feels great,” he said his directorial debut.
“To be able to share that moment with my other actors, who are having a moment of their own as well, it just feels special. It feels like everything is happening at the right time,” he added.