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January 02, 2021

Mike Will Made-It Opens Up About Near Fatal Car Crash With Swae Lee

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Mike Will Made-It started his new year off tragically. The producer opened up about surviving a near-fatal car crash with rapper Swae Lee.
In a social media post, Mike Will shared photos of the car he and Swae Lee were riding in. “Me and Swae Willy Made-It out this mf alive with just a couple bruises, thank u, God. I’m paying attention to all the signs, 2021 we turning lemons to lemonade all year… we could have been dead easily, but we made-it out with just a couple bruises, we here for a reason.”
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As of right now, there are no details on when and where the accident occurred and there is no information on the other drivers involved in the accident.
Swae Lee also shared a photo of his face after the accident.
We're glad to know that they are both doing well.