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February 08, 2023

My First: Lola Brooke On How 50 Cent 'Wanksta' Changed Her Life

Hip Hop 50
My First: Lola Brooke On How 50 Cent 'Wanksta' Changed Her Life
Every generation has a different story on how they fell in love with Hip Hop. Lola Brooke
For one of Hip Hop's most exciting new rappers, Lola Brooke who has set the world on fire with her energy filled track "Don't Play With It", 50 Cent was the moment that took her heart.
"It's 50 aka Farrari F 50..."
The music video for "Wanksta" premiered in 2002 and helped spark the beginning of the rapper's multi-year domination atop Hip Hop. 50 Cent's album Get Rich Or Die Tryin' recently celebrated it's 20th anniversary on Monday.
As Lola Brooke says, "it was so New York, it was so raw, it was so gangsta," and it was "something I can relate to because everytime I went outside that's what I [saw]."
Her love for Hip Hop continued to grow with a surprise visit to Summer Jam in 2012 where she got to see her favorite artist at the time, Meek Mill.
The Brooklyn native also speaks on idolizing Lil' Wayne and what he means to her, and much more!
Celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop, "My First" details your favorite celebrities relationship with the biggest culture in the world. The conversation will revolve around questions such as the first time they fell in love with Hip Hop, first song they heard on the radio, one of their biggest experiences with the culture, and more!
Lola Brooke's single "Don't Play With It" is available for streaming now.
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