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October 18, 2022 - Oumou Fofana

Nicki Minaj Says Saving Money Is One Of Her Biggest Life Lessons

Celebrity Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj Says Saving Money Is One Of Her Biggest Life Lessons
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Nicki Minaj is Interview Magazine’s Fall 2022 cover star.

During the interview, which was conducted by actress and Red Table Talk co-host Jada Pinkett Smith, the rapper spoke about the importance of saving money throughout her career.

“My first year, before I even put out my first album, I bought my girlfriends a Benz, a BMW, and two Range Rovers,” she started. “I shouldn’t have been buying those kinds of vehicles. They should have been getting a decent vehicle until maybe later on when I was really stacking bread. Thank god I did keep getting money, because I was spending kinda crazy at that time. But I wish people understood, save your money. Every time people come to my house, they think they’re going to see 20 cars in the driveway, living la vida loca. No, no, no. I don’t have nobody to prove anything to. I’m quite happy. Thank god that I could not work for the last couple of years and still be good.

Minaj added, “But it didn’t have to go that way! When we was going through that COVID thing and people couldn’t go out there and make that club money and stuff, they was going crazy because y’all spend every dime as soon as y’all get it! So that’s what I want our Black young people to know. Stop trying to impress people on Instagram because the people that really got it don’t do that.”

During the interview, the “Super Freaky Girl” hitmaker also spoke about motherhood, her upcoming new album, the state of the rap game, and more.

Minaj recently slammed the Recording Academy for moving “Super Freaky Girl,” her single that debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in August and has spent eight weeks on Billboard’s hot rap songs chart, out of the Grammy’s rap category and placing it in a pop one. She claims that the category switch was part of a broader agenda to celebrate new rappers over veterans.