June 29, 2022

Nipsey Hussle Murder Suspect, Eric Holder Sliced In The Head With A Razor, Needs Staples

Nipsey Hussle Murder Suspect, Eric Holder Sliced In The Head With A Razor, Needs Staples

New details are released about Eric Holder’s recent jail fight.

Yesterday (June 28), it was reported Eric’s murder trial would be delayed due to him getting beat up on his way to court. Initially, details of Eric’s injuries weren’t released.

In the latest update, TMZ reports two people sliced Eric in the head with a razor in his holding cell. Eric needed three staples in the back of his head, and he allegedly lost consciousness. He also has stitches running in the back of his head and a swollen left eye.

According to law enforcement, Eric was waiting to catch the bus on June 28 when he got jumped. As a result, the trial to get delayed once again. However, it resumed today, June 29; according to the publication, Eric showed up to court. The article says people didn’t mention Eric’s injuries and went on “as if nothing happened.”

Last week, L.A. County Deputy Public Defender Aaron Jansen’s admitted Eric was Nipsey’s killer. However, Jansen is trying to convince a jury that Eric had a “passionate response” to the “snitching” accusations, and it wasn’t premeditated. Jansen said, 

“This is a case about the heat of passion. The provocative act in this case was that Nipsey Hussle made an accusation against Mr. Holder that he was a snitch.” Jansen went on to say the first-degree charge for premeditated murder should instead be “voluntary manslaughter.”

Eric is charged with killing Nipsey on March 31, 2019. A grand jury indicted Eric on May 9, 2019. He’s charged with one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder, and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon. In chilling new details, Eric reportedly told Nipsey, “You’re through,” before killing the West Coast rapper.

Eric pleaded not guilty and faces life if convicted. We’ll keep you updated as more details become available.