September 15, 2018

Odd Future’s Left Brain Shares Why He Raps & Shows How He Rolls [VIDEO]

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Odd Future’s Left Brain Shares Why He Raps & Shows How He Rolls [VIDEO]
Photo Credit: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Odd Future’s Left Brain has lived his best producer life, but now he’s getting sick with a pen and hitting the studio to drop a new verse every chance he gets.

The West Coast producer-turned-rapper has been sitting behind a board, creating and mixing beats for years, but when LDog and fellow OFWGKTA member Hodgy Beats decided to collaborate and release music as the duo we know as Mellow Hype, the California native took interest in a second calling. 

T ogether, Left Brain and Hodgy dropped two projects —  Blackenedwhite and Numbers — and gave fans the dose of Odd Future they needed as the group’s 15 members slowly went their separate ways. Unfortunately, the two called it quits in January 2015, and fans thought all was lost for the eccentric rap squad. But the defunct duo found themselves reuniting two years later when Left Brain decided to get on a mic a drop a project of his. 

The Cali producer-rapper released his first mixtape, Mind Gone Vol. 1, during the spring of 2 017, and fans were happy to see him back. Why? Because everyone was asking, “What ever happened to Left Brain?” 

Not knowing what the outcome would be, LDog dropped a verse and realized it would be a while before he was comfortable with his own voice. In fact, one year later and two projects down (Mind Gone Vol. 1 and Mind Gone Vol. 2), the rapper says he’s still getting used to the way he sounds. 

“Everyone sa ys they don’t like their voice when they first start rapping…I’m just getting used to it,” Left Brain told Hot 97 in the courtyard of New York City’s Arlo SoHo Hotel. 

He went on to share his story from there.

So with Cali bud on his mind and the West Coast in his heart, the rapper properly known as Vyron Dalyan Turner talks his new project, Mind Gone Vol. 2, why he decided to get on a mic, and what gets him through the high life.