February 23, 2018

Oprah RESPONDS To Donald Trump [PHOTO]

Oprah RESPONDS To Donald Trump [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Oprah is not one to play with! 

The mogul was attacked by President Donald Trump recently on Twitter as he addressed previous comments against him during her interview with 60 Minutes as well as a call for her to run for president in 2020.

She was a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show where Oprah reacted to the comments in a way that doesn’t shed light at the negativity. 

“I woke up and I just thought,” Winfrey said. “I don’t like giving negativity power, so I just thought, ‘What?’” She later continued. “What I actually really did was I went back and looked at the tape to see if there was any place that that could be true. Did I feel like it was slanted or biased? I went back and looked at every tape; I called the producer. When I had asked the question, ‘Do you care about what other people think about America?’ they only used the Democratic side,” she said. “I remembered the guy Matt had said, ‘No. We’re the only people who are worried what other countries are thinking of us.’ And I said, ‘I think you should go back and put that in because it makes it more balanced.’ So, I was working very hard to do the opposite of what I was hate-tweeted about, [but] it’s OK”

Take a look at her response below.