August 13, 2019

Pam From Total Warns Cyntoia Brown After Marrying Ex-Husband

Pam From Total Warns Cyntoia Brown After Marrying Ex-Husband
(Photo Credit: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Cyntoia Brown’s story took the attention of the nation last year after several prominent influencers highlighted her story of being a victom of child sex trafficking.

She was sentenced to life in jail for murder although she claimed she was only acting in self defense, and spent 15-years in a Tennessee jail before being given another chance at freedom after being granted clemency by former Governor Bill Haslam.

Following her release, it was reported that Brown was married to Christian rapper Jaime “J” Long. It so happens that he was once the husband of Pam Long of the r&b group Total.

Hearing the news, she decided to give Brown a warning about her ex-husband being an opportunist, at a time she might be vulnerable.

“This man is diabolical and he is such a manipulator,” she said to The Neighborhood Talk. “The way this man pursued this woman is the way he did me. He came and found me using the same card, ‘He was a Christian artist.’”

She later continued.

“May the Lord God protect her and her money,” she said. “It’s about who she is in the public eye and what she has. By her having this face in the media it helps him to have a chance to be around what he deems as the elites.”