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May 13, 2022

Post Malone Releases New Single 'Cooped Up' Featuring Roddy Ricch

New Music
Post Malone Releases New Single 'Cooped Up' Featuring Roddy Ricch
Post Malone is making it known that he is tired of being “Cooped Up” in his new single featuring Roddy Ricch.
The rapper talked about the meaning of the song and his upcoming LP that will drop in June. “I’ve been out of my bag for a long time, and I’m trying to hop back in there man,” he said in a recent interview.
Malone continued, “We knew what we wanted to say, and we knew what we wanted to express, not only in a song but in that particular moment on the album. And yeah, it just came super naturally.”
He went on to speak on how Roddy Ricch became a part of the song. “He’s just such an incredible man and just a natural performer and vocalist and lyricist. And he just gets after it, and it’s so cool. Dude, and just to watch him grow and he’s such a beautiful, beautiful man. And so talented, man.”
The song will be featured on Malone’s LP
Twelve Carat Toothache
which is set to drop on June 3rd. Listen to the track below and don’t forget to get those
to catch Roddy Ricch and your favorite artists touch that stage.
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