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June 02, 2019

Prayers Up! Suspect Identified In Virginia Beach Shooting

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photo credit: shutterstock
Friday (March 31st),a mass shooting occurred at Virginia Beach’s Government office, unfortunately leaving 12 people dead- including the shooter. A huge tragedy happened in V.A, yesterday, leaving the city devastated. While 11 V.A. beach government employees have passed away, a contractor, and 4 other people are currently recovering from this unfortunate situation.
The suspect has been identified as DeWayne Craddock. Craddock was a certified professional engineer for the city and has been for 15 years. After a gun battle with 4 people officers, Craddock has passed away as well. Police have yet to be able to discover a motive for the occurrence. He was described as a “disgruntled employee” who had been recently terminated.
According to reports, Craddock shot his first victim while they sat in the parked car in the parking lot. He then proceeded to enter the office building shooting people on each of the 3 floors.
We are praying for the victims family and loved ones.

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