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January 14, 2021

Princess Love Opens Up About Ray J Pushing Her In The Pool, ‘It Was My Karma’

HOT News
Princess Love Opens Up About Ray J Pushing Her In The Pool, ‘It Was My Karma’
Princess Love and Ray J are opening up about their relationship.
During an episode de of
Love and Hip Hop Unlocked
, the host Kendall Kyndall asked about the time Ray J pushed Princess in the pool on
LHH Hollywood
At this time, the couple wasn’t married yet. Princess was upset over Ray J’s wild party life. In that particular episode, they decided to make up and have a nice dinner outside by a pool. Things went left when they got into an argument and Ray J shoved Princess in the pool.
During the recent interview with Kendall, he asked Ray J if he did it on purpose. Princess answered and said, “yes you did.” She went on to say that her getting pushed in the pool was “her karma” because she tried to push him first. She said,
“That was my karma though because I was upset because I feel like he set me up and I tried to push him in so, that was my karma.” Take a look at a video captured by The Shade Room:
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saw a lot of ups and downs over the last couple of years. In 2019, Princess was done with Ray after claiming he
(at the time she was pregnant with their son) in Las Vegas with their daughter Melody. Following the situation, Princess moved out and Ray J later apologized. He was on a mission to get his
However, toward the end of last year, he was spotted
, Princess responded by saying “live your life.” Princess was also open to the idea of having a
, amid their divorce.