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June 29, 2022

R. Kelly Fan Threatened Federal Prosecutors, ‘If Kellz Go Down, Everybody’s Going Down’

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R. Kelly Fan Threatened Federal Prosecutors, ‘If Kellz Go Down, Everybody’s Going Down’
An R. Kelly fan is ready to risk it all for the singer.
As reported on news sources, an avid fan has been arrested in Chicago on federal charges after he threatened to “storm” the U.S. attorney’s office in
On Monday (June 27), Christopher Gunn, 39, was charged in a criminal complaint for making threats involving serious bodily injury or death,
reports. Gunn attended one of R. Kelly’s trials for racketeering charges in September. He posted a video on YouTube, showing footage of the U.S. attorney’s office in Brooklyn. Gunn allegedly told his viewers to “get real familiar with this building” because “If Kellz goes down, everybody’s going down,” the publication reports.
Gunn continued, “That’s where they work at. We’re going to storm they office. … If you ain’t got the stomach for the (expletive) we ’bout to do, I’m asking that you just bail out.”
In addition, Gunn reportedly mentioned three prosecutors who were on the case, and said, he and others were “going to storm” them as well.
A few days ago, Gunn called for Kelly fans to attend Kelly’s sentencing hearing in Brooklyn on Wednesday (June 29). “I have a spot for us allllll to link during the trial, see you there,” he said, according to the charges.
The complaint also alleged that Gunn has been accepting payments on CashApp from people who make comments like “30 rounds.. free R kelly” and “30 rounds on the haters.” Investigators believe Gunn is talking about firearms when he talks about “rounds.”
Kelly, 55,
remains in a
federal detention
center in
New York
. Last year R Kelly was convicted by a federal judge for racketeering conspiracy involving 12 individual criminal acts, which include sex with multiple underage girls. In addition, a 1994 scheme to bribe an Illinois public aid official to get a fake ID for Aaliyah, to marry her, while she was 15 at the time, Kelly was 27.
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R Kelly will be sentenced June 29 for his New York case. A Chicago trial date has been delayed due to issues with the availability of the courtroom. The
trial date was set for August 1 is pushed back to the 15.
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