August 30, 2019

R. Kelly REALLY Wants OUT Of Solitary Confinement

R. Kelly REALLY Wants OUT Of Solitary Confinement
(Photo Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

R. Kelly is used to a lifestyle of freedom, money, and women. Things have dramatically change after multiple federal charges have led the singer in prison pending his trial, and because of his celebrity status in solitary confinement.

Kelly feels he is being treated unfairly, and according to TMZ wants out of solitary confinement as soon as he can.

According to documents, the Chicago native does not get much contact with other humans, has no access to media, is not allowed to go outside to get sunlight or partake in recreational activities, is not allowed face-to-face visits without being recorded and more.

R. Kelly is currently charged with multiple different sexual assault, misconduct, and other related charges in the states of Illinois, Minnesota, New York as well as federal charges.