August 27, 2020

R. Kelly Reportedly Got Jumped In Jail In His Cell! 

R. Kelly Reportedly Got Jumped In Jail In His Cell! 

Somebody put the paws on R. Kelly!

Reported on TMZ, a “frustrated inmate” attacked R. Kelly in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. According to the report, the R&B singer was sitting in his cell on his bed when another inmate walked in and started serving up a BEAT DOWN! 

The angry inmate reportedly wasn’t upset at R. Kelly’s multiple federal sex crime charges but was mad because the jail kept going on lockdown due to R. Kelly protesters marching for his freedom. The fight didn’t last long and the “Bump N Grind” singer received medical attention and was okay. His legal team declined to give a statement to TMZ and said their client has been a “model inmate.”

R. Kelly turned himself in at the Cook County jail last year and is awaiting trial. He’s facing multiple charges in various cities. He faces federal charges related to the sexual abuse of minors in two separate cases in Chicago and Brooklyn. The charges vary from child pornography, sexual assault, abuse of a minor, racketeering, and obstruction of justice. A woman also claims he knowingly gave her herpes, she’s also demanding money from the singer in a lawsuit. A judge recently discovered he had a secret bank account with $1.2 million in it, after claiming he was broke. 

His next trial date is Sept. 14. R. Kelly pleaded not guilty to all charges.