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August 13, 2022

R. Kelly’s Fiancée/Alleged Victim Joycelyn Savage Says She’s Pregnant With Singer’s Child

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R. Kelly’s Fiancée/Alleged Victim Joycelyn Savage Says She’s Pregnant With Singer’s Child
Does Robert Kelly have a baby on the way?
According to his fiancée/alleged victim, Joycelyn Savage, 26, in her new book, she revealed she’s expecting a baby with the disgraced singer, R. Kelly, 55. She showed fans an image of a sonogram in the book. Joycelyn says she’s several months pregnant and found out a few months after they got engaged.
Joycelyn said, “Months later, I began expecting severe morning sickness and was unsure what was wrong with my body. I thought I had contracted COVID-19, but the most amazing news of all was that I was expecting.” She continued,
“It was a happy day but an incomplete time in my life. Today I am grateful to God for giving me the most precious gift. Robert is extremely excited about the news that I am having a baby and feels sad that Robert will not be able to be here with us.”
She hopes for R. Kelly to be released and “prepare for new beginnings.” It’s unclear how she got pregnant, considering the “Bump N’ Grind” singer has been behind bars for the past year.m
The book is called Love and Joy of Robert. It was released on Friday (August 12) on Amazon. It’s an 11-page book, but people can expect a part two next year, Complex reports.
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After two decades of sexual abuse accusations & a five-week federal trial, disgraced R&B singer R Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison a few months ago. R Kelly didn’t speak during the trial, but the court heard testimonies from survivors that he sexually or physically abused.
Supporters of R. Kelly are still riding hard for the 3x Grammy award winner. Boosie thinks 30 years is too long. Joycelyn Savage, who was considered a victim, is sticking by R Kelly’s sister, also wrote a letter to the court and revealed they’re engaged.
Azriel Clary, an ex-girlfriend of R Kelly, who once appeared in an interview with Joycelyn, defending Kelly, but later testified against him, wrote an interesting message on social media around the time of the verdict and said, “The Devil Don’t Play Fair, But God Do.”
R. Kelly has two more sexual abuse cases to fight, a federal trial in Illinois and Minnesota. We'll keep you updated on everything.