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August 25, 2020

Rick Ross Celebrates Winning Third Legal Battle Against 50 Cent

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Rick Ross Celebrates Winning Third Legal Battle Against 50 Cent
Rick Ross and 50 Cent may be on the road to being “cool” again, but it’s not stopping them from being PETTY!
Rick Ross and 50 have a few lawsuits against each other. One of the cases is from 2015 when Rick Rozay released a remix of “In Da Club” called “Wing Stop.” Rick Ross owns restaurants of the food chain in various states, but 50 Cent wasn’t too pleased about the song. Fif sued Ross and a few years later, a judge dismissed the case but 50 has been appealing it.
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, Ross officially won the legal battle for his “In Da Club” remake for “Wing Stop.” The press release also points out if 50 had won the case, artists all over the world would no longer be able to make a remix to their favorite song without permission from the person who originally composed the track. Rick Ross’s legal team also mentioned that 50 didn’t have an issue with Beyoncè or Diddy using the “In Da Club” beat.
Ricky Rozay celebrated his win on social media, laughing at the situation. Take a look:
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Earlier this month, Rick Ross talked about what it would take for him to
with 50. Looks like Ross is down to put the differences aside and make business moves with Fif, who also seems like he’s on the same page.
Here’s a
of the history of the feud between 50 Cent and Rick Ross.