July 7, 2020

Russell Simmons Criticized Over Message To Black Women!

Russell Simmons Criticized Over Message To Black Women!

The discussion of black women has seemingly become a hot topic ever since the murder of Breonna Taylor. 

People are realizing now that black women have always been “put last,” forgotten about, and don’t always want to be labeled “strong.” Breonna’s death sparked a conversation about protecting black women and listening to black women. 

Joining the black women conversation train is Russel Simmons. He shared a post on Instagram, “praising” black women. In the post, it says, “Shoutout to black women, and all women of color. Just because…and..we see you leading the way. In the caption, he wrote,

“As the world is evolving… There is an (imminent) rise of the Divine feminine in us as men and especially around us in women. it’s coming, especially where it’s most needed, in leadership roles.: The compassionate thoughtful and balanced attitude is a quality that feminine leadership exudes If we are to survive as a species the future must be more brown, more conscious, and more feminine.”

The message didn’t sit well with many online users since the hip hop mogul is fighting sexual misconduct allegations since 2017. Approximately 20 women accused him of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape. He’s denied any wrongdoings and calls the claims “horrific.”

So you can see why online users weren’t feeling his “black women empowerment” statement. This is what some people had to say…….