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March 30, 2021

Safaree Shares An Important Message About The Pressure Of Social Media

HOT News
Safaree is speaking out on an important issue.
The rapper/reality star shared a meme that reflects on the current state of social media. The message talks about some young adults in this generation feeling more pressure to look a particular way and have certain things. Some women and men feel inadequate because they’re not living “lavish” lifestyles some “social media influencers” portray.
The message says, “social media got [22-year-olds] wanting to off they selves cause they don’t make 6 figure and drive a 7 series. Sh*t is terrible.” It continues, “got [women] thinking of you can’t afford a Chanel bag, you doing bad in life and offer them nothing. Got dudes thinking a good 9-5 is slavery. Nobody likes their body; nobody likes their home. Just a mass group of people wanting what others have it pretend to have.”
In the caption, Safaree wrote, “I loved my childhood.. y’all new kids in ya teens and ’20s got a lotta pressure on y’all for sh*t that ain’t real!” Take a look:
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, said that acceptance is "one hell of a drug." Take a look:
In other Safaree news, he reportedly signed a three-year brand ambassador deal with DCHÉ, a preeminent black-owned CBD hemp wholesaler. Yahoo reports the “Hunnid” rapper will work with the company to create his signature line of vegan-based CBD infused lubricant, gummies, and massage oil.