January 13, 2021

Safaree Takes On The #BussItChallenge, Social Media Reacts! 

Safaree Takes On The #BussItChallenge, Social Media Reacts! 

The hottest new thing surfing the Internet right now is the #BussItChallenge!

Dallas Texas rapper, Erica Banks is the artist behind the song, and it went viral on Tik Tok. The challenge is primarily for the ladies and they’re having fun with it. The challenge allows them to embrace their beauty and curves. 


Some men are taking on the challenge, and Safaree decided to give his spin on it. In the beginning, he participated but toward the end, he did something totally different! Instead of “bussin it” he spoke in patwa and said, “I’m not bussin a blood clot ting!” Take a look:

Fabolous commented and said, “I thought you was about to go for it.” Hitmaka said, “I was about to unfollow you.” Another user said, “we wanted to see Erica do it anyways.”