December 1, 2020

Safaree’s Daughter Safire Proves She’s His Twin!

Safaree’s Daughter Safire Proves She’s His Twin!

Safaree and Safire strike again! 

Safaree is soaking up every minute of fatherhood. 

He and Erica welcomed their baby girl, Safire Majesty Samuels in February, and lately, Safaree can’t stop posting about his baby girl. Although Safaree and Erica recently had some turmoil in their relationship, they are seemingly working things through.

Earlier this month, Safaree said he was “heading to divorce court” but later apologized and said he wants his family. He wrote the sweetest message about his wife Erica and their family.

Now it may be safe to say that even though Safire may resemble more of her mom, it doesn’t mean she can’t be Safaree’s twin, and he might have proved it. Safaree shared a video playing around and being silly with his baby girl. In the caption, he said they have the same reaction when people ask them for money, and she ironically made a face when he asked her for some. Take a look:

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