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April 17, 2023 - L'Oréal Luchi

Scar Lip On Upbringing, Shaq, Swizz Beatz + Support From Artists!

Celebrity Scar Lip
Scar Lip On Upbringing, Shaq, Swizz Beatz + Support From Artists!
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The voice behind the viral New York anthem, Scar Lip, chopped it up with DJ Drewski.

She reveals the inspiration behind the gritty tune, “This is NY.” Aside from Scar Lip being “angry as hell” at corny bullsh*t, she wanted to make a stand-out NY record. 

The Brooklyn-born, Bronx-raised rhyme spitter has a raw, but passionately aggressive tone. She’s inspired by the late DMX, which explains why you feel a dose of nostalgia when she raps. 

Swizz Beatz is executive producing her upcoming project. She said he’s been supporting from the sidelines but at some point told her “it’s time” for him to step in. Scar Lip will also be featured on Swizz’s project, dropping on April 21. 

“This Is NY,” caught the attention of OG’s in the game, like our own Ebro, Funk Flex, DJ Drewski, and DJ Spazo. She also has something special with Shaq in the works, as discussed in the interview.

Scar Lip also got a co-sign from the legend, Busta Rhymes, who said she sounds like “classic gutta NY.” They were recently spotted in the studio, he dropped a freestyle over “This Is Ny.” Take a look:

Scar Lip has a story to tell. The origin of her name stemmed from when her brother viscously attacked her. She’s also been open about growing up in foster care, not having family, and being sexually abused. 

We got the chance to talk to Scar Lip and she’s not letting anything stop her. Scar Lip said, “I’m young, I’m new & I’m hott coming straight out the Bronx repping New York bringing that real hip hop sound back!”