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July 29, 2022

Shakira Faces 8 Years In Prison For $14M Tax Fraud Case

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Shakira Faces 8 Years In Prison For $14M Tax Fraud Case
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Pop superstar, Shakira, is reportedly facing 8 years in prison.

According to reports, Shakira decided to go to trial instead of taking a plea deal in her tax fraud case. The singer says she “trusts her innocence and chooses to leave the issue in the hands of the law,” the PR firm Llorente y Cuenca said in a statement.

Back in 2018 Spanish prosecutors charged the singer with failing to pay 14.5 million euros in taxes on income earned between 2012 and 2014. If found guilty, the singer is looking at 8 years behind bars. Her publicists said in a statement Friday that Shakira “has always cooperated and abided by the law, demonstrating impeccable conduct as an individual and a taxpayer.” The publicists accused the Spanish Tax Agency of violating her rights.

There has been no trial date set yet. We will keep you updated as this story continues to develop.