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August 29, 2022 - L'Oréal Luchi

Social Media Debates Over ‘Curvy’ NJ Teacher Facing ‘Criticism’ Over Shape

Celebrity NJ Curvy Teacher
Social Media Debates Over ‘Curvy’ NJ Teacher Facing ‘Criticism’ Over Shape
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A New Jersey elementary school teacher faces heavy criticism over her curvy body.

As reported in Daily Mail, a kindergarten teacher, whose identity hasn’t been revealed, is facing backlash for her appearance at school. The woman teaches in Pennsauken Township, New Jersey as an art teacher. She’s gone viral for her trendy outfits in skirts, dresses, jeans, and other clothing. 

The teacher posts her content to her IG page, @toyboxdollz, which has 900,000 followers. While she has many supporters, including Fat Joe, others feel her dress code is unacceptable. Take a look:

Under the posts comment section, online users got into a debate over the teacher’s fashion choices. One user said, “imagine if she were a dude nobody would be hating on a hot ass male teacher.” Someone else said, “are people really upset you wear clothes that fit you right? Weird. Not sure what you could wear to ‘hide’ [because] like no way hell nah. You look just fine, hope you know that.”

On the flip side, on Twitter, a user wrote, “If you wanted to be a model,get that job! Leave the classroom for those interested in teaching our children!Be a model somewhere else!” Someone else commented, “Not a single kindergarten student is taking pics or ‘losing focus.’ Not. A. Single. One. It’s the PARENTS.” Another person said, “Bet they scared the husbands might start dropping and picking up the kids more often.”

The NJ art teacher spoke out via IG. In a video, she said, “Trying to body shame me because I am curvaceous is STILL discrimination!!!” She continued, 

“Teachers are quitting left and right everyday all day! The shortage of educators going on right now is insane! Teachers no longer want to teach, they rather work online, from home , even take a retail job over teaching because its less agitating work and pays more than we get payed as teachers.” She went on to say, 

“You want someone teaching your children that will love and protect them as if they were their own child. Blessed are the few that have educators involved in their children’s life that want to instill knowledge, positivity, love, and wisdom. I am an artist & an influencer as well as a teacher. And my influence goes beyond that if my looks. Ask my students who Frida khalo is, ask them why Nigel & Basquiat were so crucial to our culture!?” She ended the message with,

“If you only knew the positive influence a loving kind heart can bring to the molding of a child’s creative mind. Oh well… carry on.”

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