May 25, 2021

Social Media Goes Bananas Hearing Blueface Rap ‘On Beat’

Social Media Goes Bananas Hearing Blueface Rap ‘On Beat’

Blueface is trending and has social media going WILD! 

The rapper is getting praised for rapping “on beat” on a song called “Outside” remix featuring OG Bobby Billions. The music is entirely different from Blueface’s 2018 breakout single “Thotianna.” On “Outside,” both rappers get deep and talk about their struggles. 

Notable lyrics from Blueface include,

“I’m a victim of the system, but I’m a suspect to the victim

I’m in church with a loaded weapon. I can’t even trust the reverend

I’m praying with my eyes open, hoping I don’t catch the COVID

Nineteen bullets in a .40

You not from ’round where I’m ’round

Boss up or get bossed around

They see I’m with the top down. Would you look at me now?

If you ain’t come see me then, why would you come see me now?”

Online users are giving Blueface props. Take a look at what they’re saying:

In 2019, Blueface said he’s the “best lyricist in the rap game.” While some hip-hop heads disagreed, it seems like he’s stepping his pen game up. 

Check out the song/visual for “Outside.”