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September 22, 2023

Social Media Reacts To Drake's New Hairstyle: 'It’s A NO For Me Dawg'

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Social Media Reacts To Drake's New Hairstyle: 'It’s A NO For Me Dawg'
Social media is having a field day with Drake's new hairdo.
The rapper was spotted hanging out in Houston with singer Talameshia. In the picture, Drake is showing off his natural curls with some decorative rainbow hair clips. The hairstyle sparked mixed reactions from fans. "Drake is bored. He gotta be. Because what is this?" comments one fan. "I love when people do what they wanna do and don’t gaf. Long as they ain’t hurting nobody..." comments another.
Drake seems to be unbothered as he has yet to respond to the online chatter as of yet.
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In other Drake news- the 'Slime You Out' rapper previously gifted one lucky fan $10k and a first-class flight to his 'All A Blur Tour' stop in Atlanta. “It’s this girl right here. I swear, I don’t know what kind of effort you put in, but I see you every show,” he said in viral video. “Like, you are standing right here every single show. I see all the shows you’ve been to Brooklyn, Dallas, Dallas, Houston, Houston, and you got one more in Atlanta.”
Drake continued, “alright, I’m going to fly you first-class to Atlanta. I’ma let you watch the show from the V-VIP, like, we’re gonna put you somewhere real nice. And I’ma give you 10 bands so you can spend it… You’ve been reppin’ real hard this whole tour. Yeah, I f**k wit’ you. That’s what I love to do. I love to show love.”