July 5, 2022

Social Media Reacts To ‘The Wendy Show’ Being Removed From Youtube


Fans are outraged at Wendy Williams’ talk show has been removed from YouTube.

It’s no secret that the Wendy Williams’ show has come to an end. Over the weekend, fans noticed that the shows social media accounts have been disabled, including the YouTube page. When searching the page on Instagram, fans receive a “sorry, this page isn’t available” error message.

One fan tweeted, “Why do them folks hate Wendy Williams so much? Deleted the whole YouTube????” and another, “NO WAY THEY DELETED THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND ALL VIDEOS WTF NO SO MUCH HISTORY NOW GONE..”

While speaking with TMZ, Wendy says she may be looking to fill up a new space. “Podcasts will make more money for me being famous than doing The Wendy Williams Show. So, podcast. Where will I go? I’m not sure. Europe? France? Wherever I want to go,”

“I am 100 percent retired in The Wendy Williams Show,” she continued. “I don’t want to be on TV except for guest hosting. I love Whoopi Goldberg, I love The View. I love those girls. An hour, two hours, but I don’t want to be in partnership. Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know.”