February 23, 2017

Suge Knight’s Son Leaves An Open Message About His Father [PHOTO]

Suge Knight’s Son Leaves An Open Message About His Father [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit: Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

Suge Knight is not having the easiest time as he awaits trial.

The former Death Row Records founder had his trial delayed once again, as it will now begin in early summer. It was recently pushed to May.

According to The Daily News:

His lawyer said the defense still needs to receive and review a “terabyte” of evidence from prosecutors, including recorded jail calls.

Speaking in court with his parents, sister and son watching in the gallery, Knight complained about the strict protective order that has him living in virtual isolation.

His 21-year-old son was not very happy about the decision, and decided to share his opinion in a post on Instagram.


Im grateful to see my dad this morning, but it hurt me to see him get neglected right infront of my face. Im distugsted that these people take an oath to serve justice but do the exact opposite. I havent seen or heard this mans voice in two years! When we will they view him as a human? How come the man who turned himeslef in on a “Hit and Run” case (Which is really a Self Defense Case) gets mistreated more than the Rapist or a serial killer? I know sin is sin but what about mercy? I dont know anybody who can sit in solitary confinement for two years and not speak to, nor choose his own lawyer. When will they let him get the best chance to defend himself. This court session was mostly of my dad asking for a fair shot, while The prosecutor rushes the judge to end the session because she has alot to do today. Bs. They even had the officer block my dads view to see me! I really need those that acutally support and who has a heart to reach out. I have great news but i need justice to be served. #FREESUGE #FREEMYDAD

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Alright im goinng to post lives Suge didnt ruin and yall tag who’s lives he ruined. Two of them he fought in court and paid millions for. #FREESUGE #WhyTheWestCoastDontLoveSuge #WhereTheLoyalty ill wait.

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