January 30, 2018

Surviving Your Office Job: Coping With Life Inside A Cubicle

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Surviving Your Office Job: Coping With Life Inside A Cubicle
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It’s almost inevitable that your career sends you down the path to what we all call the cubicle. If you are not too sure what I am talking about then trust me you will very soon.

This is not my first real office job, I remembered right before college I landed this awesome job at a call center, where I had to contact shareholders and to get them to vote. This time around, I have graduated college and now I am working in the sales department in a 4X6 cubicle while my dreams are push in the back burner somewhere.

I constantly remind myself that this is temporary and in order for me to get to where I need to be, I must start somewhere and continue chasing my dreams. Now for those working in the corporate world if you don’t find ways to enjoy your job, you can hate going to work every day.

To help make this journey a lot easier for you here are some survival techniques to follow that you will prepare and help you get through your day.

Seek A Friend And Network

During training, I instantly made a connection with a young lady by the name of Rochelle. We engage in small motivational talks every day to get us through work. It’s just good to have someone who understands you and can actually vent too, especially in the sales department where it is very demanding. We navigate our way through work every day and have lunch together from time to time. And trust me when I tell you this outlet make the day go by so much faster. You CAN NOT survive the cubicle being a loner. You must have a partner in crime.

Do Your Work And Mind Your Business

Do not get caught up in office gossip and cattiness because trust and believe you can get “thrown under the bus” very easily. Keep away from messy office people and simply mind your business and continue to do your work.

Be Cordial

You don’t have to be best friends with everyone, but you want to make sure that you are approachable. I hate having conversations especially during my 15-minute breaks, but I am open to engaging in small talks every now and then with my co-workers. If you want a raise or promotion, how you interact with others plays a big role in your advancement in the company.


Social Media Apps

Ummm… Yea! You read that right! Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will help you get through your workday. It’s entertaining and it KILLS time!



With work you must have a social life right? This means there are days you might come to work feeling super exhausted. You are going to need that boost of energy to get you through the day. The thing about coffee or tea is that you get a chance to leave your cubicle to go pour yourself a cup. You have to appreciate every moment you get to spend outside of your cubicle.

Hit Your Goals

If you don’t hit your goals then you are going to be without a job. With all the expectations and high demands you are also required to be good at it. You have to make sure you are off the radar and you are hitting those performance numbers. The last thing you need is your District Manager micro managing your every move.

Be sure to stay out of trouble and be a great contributor to your team. Take these tips and apply them and you will survive in the cubicle. Happy Grinding!!