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March 08, 2023 - L'Oréal Luchi

T.I. Addresses Boosie Calling Him A Snitch On 'Active’ Ft. Kevin Gates

HOT News
T.I. Addresses Boosie Calling Him A Snitch On 'Active’ Ft. Kevin Gates
T.I. dropped a new track featuring Kevin Gates.
On “Active,” T.I. seemingly takes aim at Boosie, who cancelled their joint album over snitch claims. On the track, Tip says,
“You started yellin’, started tellin’/ But on I.G., you hard as hellin’/ I’ma tell you somethin’ serious/ Come in here tryna boost ya career and commandeer/ I’ma commandeer the situation, treat him like a hunting deer in the frontier.” Another notable lyric is when T.I. raps,
“Listen, I’ve been King 21 years, took losses, never shed one tear/ That’s ’cause even when the future unclear, confidence, I always had a ton up here.”
Take a listen to a clip:
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A few weeks ago, Boosie clarified that he’s not releasing a joint album with T.I, after TIP admitted he snitched on his dead cousin Toot to avoid a gun charge. Boosie says that the move “ruined everything,” and he’s not working with a rat. In T.I.’s defense, he claims Boosie should have called him. He also has paperwork to prove he never snitched. T.I. also says he made up the entire story about his dead cousin.
Hip Hop DX points out that “Active” will appear on T.I.’s final album, Kill the King. No release date as of yet.