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October 03, 2018

T.I. Breaks Down Kanye West's Most Recent Comments + Speaks On Tiny, Gucci Mane & 'Dime Trap' [VIDEO]

HOT News
T.I. Breaks Down Kanye West's Most Recent Comments + Speaks On Tiny, Gucci Mane & 'Dime Trap' [VIDEO]
The king is here!
T.I. stepped up to Ebro in the Morning to discuss his new album, Kanye West, and what really went down when he got arrested outside his home earlier this year.
The Atlanta rapper went viral on Monday (Oct. 1), after trying to articulate some of Kanye’s comments about the 13th Amendment, and what he believed the Chicago artist was really trying to say.
He believes he is “trying to reset the conversation about racism,” but agrees that he needs to research the topics he is discussing a bit further while saying that he needs more time to be able to fully explain it.
Interestingly enough, he also believes that this new era of the man now known as Yandhi began when he stormed on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009 in defense of Beyonce which he says was the wrong thing, but had good intentions. He believes as a community we are also quick to dismiss or throw away those who may not agree with our beliefs as Ye was shunned for his actions and then President Barack Obama called him a jackass.
“He heard our silence more than he heard their noise.”
Tip also discussed his support for Stacey Abrams who as a candidate can become the first black Governor in the history of the state of Georgia.
His new project will include a track titled “The Incredible Mister F*** Up” where he discusses the infidelities and the issues that caused some ripples in his marriage to Tiny. He says everyday there is new progress.
“I can never find the right humility,” he said.
As for the issue that caused him to get arrested outside his home earlier this year, he reveals that he is still fighting the case as the officers are trying to save face. There is security footage of what really went down, as he claims the security guard was asleep and decided to try and provoke him so that he could call the police.
His album Dime Trap – which he calls a Ted Talk for trap music – is narrated by Dave Chappelle, and has features from Meek Mill, Teyana Taylor, Anderson .paak, Sam Hook, Victoria Monae, and more. It is due to be released Friday, October 5th.
Watch the full conversation below.
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