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July 27, 2020

T.I Responds To Deyjah Harris’ Message, ‘Watch How You Speak To Your Children’

HOT News
T.I Responds To Deyjah Harris’ Message, ‘Watch How You Speak To Your Children’
T.I made some heads turn over comments he made about going to his daughter’s GYN appointments!
Last year, when T.I was on the Ladies Like Us podcast, he said spoke on how he handles sex with his children. He admitted to going with his then 18-year-old daughter,
to GYN visits to ensure that her hymen is “intact” to make sure she’s still a virgin (which had been going on since she was 14 or 15).
Earlier this year, Dejah,
. She said the situation traumatized her and she’s been keeping her distance from her dad, but she still loves him. Today (July 27), she spoke more about the situation via Twitter. She tweeted,
“watch how you speak to your children. i don’t care how old they are, they still deserve the same respect that you expect in return.”
“i still love you .. but from a distance. not because i don’t care about you, but more so for the sake of my own well-being and inner peace.”
under The Shade Room’s post and said,
“Y’all reaching. Every adult felt this way as an adolescent at some point in they life. Only difference here is...she’s T.I’s daughter. Let (her) LIVE Cuzz...she’s finding her place in the world and doesn’t deserve to be under the microscope every step of the way. I can handle that and welcome & I welcome it, so apply it to ME...leave her tf ALONE please. Sincerely a loving father.”
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