July 28, 2020

T.I Sits w/ Jeezy To Discuss The Possibility Of Ending Beef w/ Gucci Mane

T.I Sits w/ Jeezy To Discuss The Possibility Of Ending Beef w/ Gucci Mane

It looks like T.I wants the Atlanta trap rappers to reunite! 

During an episode of T.I’s ExpediTIously podcast, he invited Jeezy on to discuss a few things. T.I asked Jeezy what does he think needs to happen in order to squash the beef with Gucci Mane. Jeezy said,

“I just feel like that gotta be one of those mafia backroom conversations. Jeezy continued, It gotta really be a convo. What I’ve learned over the years, this shi*t big business. People that went to Yale still do business with people that went to Harvard. So it’s just one of those real convos, it’s been decades.”

T.I also spoke on the theory that he felt Gucci kept his distance from him because he’s closer to Jeezy. However, T.I also said that if the three Atlanta trap stars did collaborate, it would be a big move for trap music. T.I also said that for his trap music museum, he couldn’t leave Gucci out. 


Gucci and Jeezy’s beef dates from 2005 when they recorded their first collaboration on “Icy.” Jeezy was under the impression that the song would appear on his debut album, Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101, but Gucci used it for his debut independent album, Trap House. Jeezy also claimed he was never paid for the Billboard hit record. Then Jeezy dropped “Stay Strapped,” a diss record claiming that he had a bounty on Gucci. Gucci responded with “Round One,” and made it very clear he’s not cool with Jeezy. 

That same year, while Gucci was visiting a friend, four men broke into his home and assaulted him. The situation turned deadly after one of the men threatened to kill Gucci, so in response, Gucci fired shots, and then they fled the scene. However, later on, a man named Henry Lee Clark III, better known as Corporate Thugz Entertainment rapper Pookie Loc, was found dead near a school in Decatur, GA and days after, Gucci turned himself in and was charged for the murder. While in jail, Gucci said that he’s not a murderer and he acted in self-defense. Jeezy on the other hand denied any involvement in the situation, even though Pookie was signed to him. 

In 2006, Gucci was acquitted and released another track that dropped diss lines toward Jeezy on “745.” In 2008, a longtime collaborator with Jeezy, DJ Drama, appeared on Gucci’s Gangster Grillz mixtape, The Movie. In 2009, Jeezy’s crew got into a fight with DJ Drama’s crew, and during an interview, Jeezy called Drama a “b*tch.” However, later that year the trio called a truce with each other, Gucci and Jeezy even worked on music together. Their feud was reignited after their crews got into a fight (neither Jeezy nor Gucci was there). Then during an interview with Sway in 2011, Gucci said he can’t see himself doing music with Jeezy. Then as the years continued, they kept firing shots at one another and made more diss tracks. 

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