February 9, 2018

‘TASTY’ Links Up with Migos for a ‘Stir Fry’ Visual! [VIDEO]

‘TASTY’ Links Up with Migos for a ‘Stir Fry’ Visual! [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Screenshot from video

You know those ‘Tasty’ Facebook videos we all love to watch for cooking inspiration?

Tasty and Migos came up with a clever idea to collaborate on a visual that shows you how to make a poppin’ stir fry and it will definitely make you HUNGRY.

The general manager of Tasty made a statement to Billboard:

“The guys were incredible to work with and we feel the final product is a successful fusion of our two brands. There’s a huge opportunity for Tasty within the music industry, this is just the beginning. And hopefully, we made everyone hungry for a little stir fry.”

Take a look at the video below: