July 2, 2020

TBT: Hot 97 Blazin’ Hip Hop & R&B Vol: 1 CD!

TBT: Hot 97 Blazin’ Hip Hop & R&B Vol: 1 CD!

It’s throwback Thursday!

With the holiday season upon us, we decided to take a look into a different time in hip hop and in terms of technology and culture. Back in the year 2000, listeners of HOT 97 yearned to find out the songs we were playing on the radio, and to listen to it without having to wait until the next time it was played.

With the invention of the CD Burner becoming more popular in people’s homes, and in their computers, the culture found a way to make this happen. And that is when the famed Hot 97 mixtapes “Blazin’ Hip Hop & R&B” mixtapes were born.

Although not officially authorized by us, we did definitely saw how important those CD’s were for the culture, and how it helped grow the Hot 97 brand in the 2000’s and beyond!

20 years later, we are remembering the classic series with a playlist of the first volume of the classic series.

Go back into time, and enjoy below! Let us know which volumes you had, or still have in your home, take a photo and send it to us!