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March 18, 2021

Texas Man With Guns Outside Of VP Kamala Harris’ Home Arrested

HOT News
Texas Man With Guns Outside Of VP Kamala Harris’ Home Arrested
Police arrested a man from Texas is in custody after they found him with guns outside of Kamala Harris’ home.
New sources report Paul Murray, 31, carried a rifle and ammunition outside the Vice President’s residence. The secret service detained Murray.
Authorities arrested Murray in response to an intelligence bulletin. Murray received a medical discharge from the Army nearly a year ago. He was prescribed medication but stopped taking it because he claims he experienced “intense” side effects. Murray says he wasn’t getting the support he needed from Veterans Affairs.
When police arrested Murray, he had an AR-15, 113 rounds of ammunition, and five magazines. Police found a rifle and ammunition in his vehicle. He’s charged with carrying a dangerous weapon, carrying a rifle or shotgun outside of a business, possession of unregistered ammunition, and possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device. Take a look at a news report:
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Earlier this month, Murray told police he believes he was “
by a group overseas and that he didn’t want to hurt himself, but might hurt someone else ‘if it was justified.’” It appears Murray possibly has some mental health issues.
Harris is okay. The VP and her husband, Doug Emhoff, live at a guest home for the White House, while their home was undergoing some renovations. They haven't moved in yet.