January 10, 2018

The Boondocks Predicted Oprah Becoming President In 2020! [PHOTO]

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The Boondocks Predicted Oprah Becoming President In 2020! [PHOTO]
Photo Credit:  AdultSwim.com


If you’re looking to find out what will happen in the future, just watch cartoon shows.


The Simpsons are notorious for predicting events that happen in society before it comes true; ie. Donald Trump becoming President, the smartwatch, Lady Gaga performing at the Superbowl and more.


It turns out the cult classic, The Boondocks, have also made a prediction that may potentially happen.


In season 1 episode 9 of the series entitled “Return of The King”, the show predicts Oprah becoming President in 2020 and it is in fact the year Donald Trump would be up for re-election!




The episode is about Martin Luther King coming out of  a coma after 32 years only to find his peaceful way of thinking doesn’t work in the post 9/11 era.  Ultimately, the country is in arms with the state of the country and elects Oprah as President.

Screenshot from 'Boondocks' of Newspaper showing Oprah Winfrey Elected President Nov. 8, 2020

Will this prediction come true?