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July 16, 2018

The-Dream Sells 75{347b3eab01faeb3048b2b7ab2b58c469963f1a36dd9436ceff3f6050f82e3ac3} Of His Catalog For $23 Million [VIDEO]

HOT News
(Photo Credit: Harmony Gerber/Getty Images)
He doesn’t call himself “Radio Killa” for no reason.
The-Dream has written countless hits for some of the biggest artists in music including Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It),” and Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and that’s not even talking about the tracks he wrote for himself.
Now he’s turning those opportunities into a brand new bag. He recently struck a deal with Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited to sell off 75{347b3eab01faeb3048b2b7ab2b58c469963f1a36dd9436ceff3f6050f82e3ac3} of his catalog for $23 million. The artist remains control of the other 25{347b3eab01faeb3048b2b7ab2b58c469963f1a36dd9436ceff3f6050f82e3ac3}
“I’m proud to be part of this beautiful venture,” The-Dream said. “Merck is a music titan who began his career well before I ever imagined having one. His futuristic views captured my attention and instantly made an impact. Merck sees me as I see myself. I sought out to be my generation’s Babyface and Dr. Dre, he sees the same. In making this decision I said to Merck, ‘I need a Jimmy Iovine in my life,’ not just to nurture my songs but to also help solidify the legacy I seek for myself and my songs even after I’m gone, for my children and beyond. His reply was simply ‘I Got it!, and after [that] came action like the one you see playing out today in real time.”
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