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March 26, 2022

The Wrap Up: Rihanna's Engagement Rumors, Kodak Black Addresses Latto, Will Hip Hop Boycott The Grammys? + More!

HOT News
The Wrap Up: Rihanna's Engagement Rumors, Kodak Black Addresses Latto, Will Hip Hop Boycott The Grammys? + More!
The Wrap Up with L'Orèal Luchi, keeping you informed on everything that happened in hip hop culture this week:

Tasha K / Cardi B update:

Earlier this year, the
was ordered to pay Cardi B. approximately $4 million in damages for
. In the latest update. Tasha K's legal team filed an appeal.
At the time of Tasha's ruling, Tasha was asked about paying Cardi back, and said she doesn't have it.
Cardi claimed a few years ago, Tasha alleged inappropriate comments about her.
Cardi had contracted herpes and abused drugs
. In 2019, Cardi told the blogger to remove her damaging posts, but Tasha refused. Tasha ultimately took down the Cardi B videos to show good faith to the courts.
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Hip Hop Vs. The Grammy's

J. Prince wants hip-hop power players to boycott the Grammy's after they
from performing this year. The Award Show decided to pull the plug on him hitting the stage due to Ye's
and his feud with the host
As a result, J. Prince wants Hip Hop to unite and put on a show the same night as the event. J. Prince called out Drake, Kanye, Nicki Minaj & more to be on board.
under J. Prince's post on social media. She replied "respect" with a prayer emoji.
said he's down because, according to him, "the Grammys don't mean anything anymore!"
The show goes down on April 3. Do you think it'll happen? Let us know your thoughts.
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Aryb's Recruit Pusha T For A Diss Track:

Arby's is promoting their new spicy fish sandwich in a different way. Pusha T dropped the
Arby's recruited Pusha T for the mission, and they took shots at their rival, McDonald's fish filet.
It's somewhat of a full circle moment since Pusha T, and his brother wrote McDonald's famous "I'm Lovin' It" jingle. They were only paid upfront ($1 million) for the gig and felt they should have gotten more. They missed out on
over the last few years. On Drink Champs, Pusha said,
"I want artists to know that part. Keep your
. That check will be nice, but 'I'm Lovin' It' been running for how long now? I did This in '03. Who knows what it would have been."
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Rihanna Seemingly Addresses Engagement Rumors:

Rihanna sparked engagement rumors after being spotted rocking a ring on her wedding finger. She seemingly
recently when she left a restaurant in Santa Monica, California. Paparazzi asked her about it & Riri sarcastically replied, "this old ring."
The "Umbrella" artist expects her
with boyfriend
. Riri and A$AP
while walking in Harlem earlier in February. A few weeks ago, it was reported the couple plans on getting married, so it's possible they did it or gearing up for it. It hasn't been confirmed or denied.
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Kodak Black Speaks Out On Latto Drama:

Latto revealed that while she was working on her sophomore album,
a male rapper made it
to clear a song because he was trying to get with her in exchange for the feature. Latto didn't mention any names during the interview, but the online community assumed it was Kodak, but he denied it.
Kodak's engineer,
called Latto out for cap. In a message online, he said,
"Let me fill you in on what this bullsh*t with @latto777 is all about. She asked for a feature a while back. We charged her our normal rate and she wanted a swap. Since her verse won't really do anything for us, we asked for a swap for our female artist and charged her substantially less. She declined and said she was going to not use the record. Out of the blue she decided to accept a higher fee and still not offer a swap for our artist. Talk about empowering fellow female rapper."
He continued, "Now she's on some bullshi*t that she was made uncomfortable And holding up your album? I know you're not talking about us. You were on your diva shit when no one is getting in the car playing your records. You're whole album had legal issues (I'm on the email chain) stop tryna pull this fictitious fueled empathy card for sales."
and said his engineer takes things personally about him. However, Yak showed Latto's new album, 777, some love and said he wants it to do well.
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50 Cent Gave Scholarship Money Away:

50 cent awarded a local high school student, Kennedy Nelms, a college scholarship worth $48,000 through his G-Star program. The money will allow her to attend her dream school, The University of Texas at Austin.
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Verzuz Updates:

Verzuz announced their next battle on May 14 between Cypress Hill and Onyx. They're doing something for Mother's Day, Juneteenth & they're putting together their first-ever label match-up! Which two labels do you think it'll be? Let us know!
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