November 21, 2018

Tierra Whack Delivers BARS in #Freestyle115 W/ Funk Flex [VIDEO]

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Tierra Whack Delivers BARS in #Freestyle115 W/ Funk Flex [VIDEO]

I first heard of this young lady through the homie Ron from Hot97 video production(maybe 6 months ago), I looked her up and was pleasantly surprised that she had BARS! So when the label hit us up to have her up, I was with it, and campaigned to have her up(Cause Funk IS the BOSS! lol I can’t do nuthin for you!!) When the Label hit me and said that the ‘Whack World’ rapper wanted ‘Put Ya Hands Where My Eye Could See’, I def got excited!!



She Def Spit! And I can tell you she has a great sense of humor… like that line in the beginning about ‘I bring the Funk, tell Flex wash his a**’… the way I witnessed her joke last night I know she was ‘joking’, but of course a person looking to make it a thing or point it out will… do you all good fam. But over all I thoroughly enjoy the 23yr old’s presence and feel like she’s mos def has a natural rhyme skill, creative skill level and is going far!!!