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April 01, 2020

Today Is Census Day & THIS Is Why YOU NEED To Fill It Out

HOT News
Today Is Census Day & THIS Is Why YOU NEED To Fill It Out
April 1 is known as Census Day but it only happens every 10 years.
The Census is a short questionnaire used to determine how billions of dollars in federal funding will get spent for the next 10 years! So that’s money for schools, roads, and other important things in your community. It also determines how many representatives each state in Congress gets.
The Census Bureau is letting people fill it out online. Answers are safe, secure, and confidential by law. Some households will also be able to respond over the phone, in English or Spanish. Other households will get the form sent by mail. Officials have already sent out images of how the form will look to avoid potential scams or you can see it online
. The Census Bureau officials will allow local operations impacted by the coronavirus to adapt if necessary because they want to get a complete and accurate count.
Everyone living in the United States is supposed to be counted by the census, whether they're citizens or not. The Supreme Court
blocked the Trump administration from putting a citizenship question on the census
, reported on
. So there won’t be any questions about citizenship on the questionnaire. It’s required that everyone fill it out and it’s very important to do it.
Today is NOT the deadline! It’s a reminder to fill it out! Don’t wait, IT ONLY TAKES 10 MINUTES! By December 31, 2020, the US Census Bureau is required by law to report population counts from the new census to the President.
The census also creates new jobs for people. The bureau is looking to hire half a million temporary workers to help with the count. That is typically done door-to-door but due to the pandemic, they’re reevaluating when that will happen. On a normal basis, it would typically happen from May-July.