December 26, 2017

Top 25 Moments At Hot 97 Of 2017

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Top 25 Moments At Hot 97 Of 2017

What a special year it has been here at Hot 97! 

From controversy to special moments, it’s safe to say we had everything that could possibly happen in this building. 

From being in the middle of a rap beef, to Remy Ma’s special ladies first set on Summer Jam, to our special inauguration of Global Hip Hop Day, to learning about the untimely passing of Prodigy. 

Below we look back at the Top 25 moments of at Hot 97 of 2017. 

25. Wu-Tang Clan Open Up On Martin Shkreli Buying Album w/ Nessa

Members of the Wu-Tang passed through and opened up on the reasons behind the infamous auction that send Once Upon A Time In Shaolin… to the controversial pharmecutical executive. 

24. Wyclef Jean Opens Up On LAPD Arrest On Ebro In The Morning

Back in March, the former Fugees member was wrongfully arrested in Los Angeles as a robbery suspect. He called into Ebro in the Morning to detail what happened

23.La La Anthony Opens Up On Carmelo Anthony w/ Ebro in the Morning:

At this point LaLa became honest about what is going on between her and Carmelo Anthony’s marriage. She also gives some insight in where he would play the next season before it began.

22. Naturi Naughton Addresses Adrienne Bailon Apology.

Adrienne Bailon apologized to Naturi Naughton following years of bad blood after the breakup of 3LW. She apologized to Naughton during an episode of The Real and she reacted on Ebro in the Morning.

21. Rosenberg Creates Hip Hop’s All Time Bracket.

With his love of Kendrick Lamar, Rosenberg needed to prove why he is one of the best at the moment. He put a brand new algorithm to the test to list the greatest MC’s of all time!

20. Megan Ryte Breaks Records with some of your favorite artists.

In 2017, Megan Ryte decided it was time to break some of the most interesting records in the world. The result is some of the funniest footage you will find with some of your favorite celebrities.

19. Ebro vs Migos.

Ebro made some comments about Offset charging $100,000 for a verse. Offset threatened to beat Ebro up. Thankfully this didn’t escalate, but it made Ebro explain what he meant by the matter. 

18. Joe Budden Gets Annoyed.

Preparing for the release of 2Pac’s birthday Joe Budden gets asked some questions that did not go as planned.

17. Ebro in the Morning React To Trump Inauguration & The Girls Join the Women’s March

Trump came into office bringing lots of fear, anger, and protest to the forefront. We heard from you and joined the Women’s March in NYC to fight for a better future.

16. Hot 97 Celebrates Biggie’s Life & Career 20 Years Ago.

It was 20 years since we lost Biggie. We brought Faith Evans to talk about his life as well as some special mixes and exclusive stories which made for a special day.

15. Joey Chestnut Hosts The Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest

Its safe to say this did not got as planned. One of the worst yet funniest Hot Dog eating contests of all time!

14. Chance The Rapper Takes Over Ebro In the Morning!

Chance hung out with Ebro in the Morning and created his own game and joined in some of the biggest topics in hip hop at the time. 

13. Funk Flex Addresses 2Pac On IG Live

Flex is never shy to give his opinion. When the topic of Pac came up his passion lit up a huge conversation on some of the late rappers biggest stories. 

12.Diddy Helps Unveil Ciroc Studios

Funk Flex and Diddy teamed up to create our brand new Ciroc Studios! 

11. Swizz Beatz VS Just Blaze Battle! 

We were there for a classic beat  battle between two legendary producers! 

10. Hot 97 Helps Bring In The First Annual Global Hip Hop Day in the Bronx.

We went to the birth of Hip Hop to celebrate the culture and officially celebrate 1520 Segway Avenue as Hip Hop BLVD w/ Joey Bada$$, Cardi B, Fat Joe and many legends.

9. Dave Chappelle Takes Over Ebro In the Morning.

The legend himself joins Ebro in the Morning for one of the classic moments at the radio station in recent memory.

8. The Weeknd Surprises Fans At Who’s Next Live!

This year we rebranded Who’s Next to an exciting platform for all artists. During a performance by Belly, The Weeknd decided to make an appearance to a sold out crowd. 


7. Rosenberg Calls Out Post Malone

Rosenberg had some beef with some of Post Malone’s thoughts on hip hop that he had to address. 

6. Salute The DJ!

A classic conversation on the history of hip hop w/ Flex, DJ Chuck Chillout & DJ Enuff

5. Remembering Prodigy

On June 20, we learned that Prodigy of Mobb Deep tragically passed away. We paid tribute to the late rapper. 

4. Remy Ma Brings The Ladies Out A Summer Jam! 

Remy Ma had her own Summer Jam moment when she brought out Lil Kim, MC Lyte & the queen herself Queen Latifah for a performance that will go down in history. 

3. Black Thought Sets New Levels To The Funk Flex Freestyle.

10 minutes of pure fire off the dome. Easily the freestyle of the year.

2. Jim Jones Addresses Cam’ron W/ Funk Flex

Months before Dipset reunited, Cam and Jim Jones were in the middle of a big beef where they both told their stories behind what happened. Jim’s passionate sit down with Flex is an Instant classic.

1. Ebro in the Morning Grills Ebro After Shether

Remy Ma shook the hip hop world with a scathing diss track toward Nicki Minaj in the beginning of the year. One line made us all ask. “Did Ebro Smash Nicki?”