February 13, 2019

Top 5 Couples Who Will Make You Fall In Love Again

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Top 5 Couples Who Will Make You Fall In Love Again

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With Valentine’s Day just a few days away we decided to highlight some of our favorite couples who make us want to fall in love again.


Relationships aren’t perfect, however these celebrity couples exemplify what it means to love unconditionally and make it look beautiful. Here are 5 couples that we believe is the epitome of true love. See what they had to say about each other below:


Remy Ma & Papoose



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Pap: “You’ll never know a woman’s full potential if you don’t lead by example. If you let a woman know that you’re gonna be faithful you’ll get that in return.”


Nessa & Colin Kapernick


His smile and happiness brightens up the world. Love you – – @kaepernick7 jersey launch was soooo much fun. Jersey release date coming soon. #imwithkap #nokapnonfl – – @djtonedef

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Nessa: “I’m very fortunate that I have Colin next to me. It’s everything. We love each other, we care for each other and we have to remind each other that we are doing our part.”


Russell Wilson & Ciara



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Ciara: “I do feel that I’m a better woman because of him. Obviously, I have my own vision for myself, but my husband definitely makes me better and that is what marriage is about. You make each other better.”


Ayesha Curry & Steph Curry



Already missing the fam! But The #sc30asiatour is here. Let’s get it. #wireddifferent #manila #wuhan #tokyo

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Steph: “I knew I had found the right woman and I wanted to start a life with her.”


Lebron James & Savannah



The peanut butter to my jelly, ham to my burger, the apple of my eye, the King of my castle……. #SoProudOfMyHusband #MushyPost #MCE

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Lebron: “She was down when I was at my high school, no cameras, no lights. And she was there with me. You wouldn’t be talking to me right now if it weren’t for her.”